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Welcome Keith, Alan and Filippo

The GCD family is growing, and we’re proud as punch to welcome three talented men to the fold. Alan Lavery has been working as part of the design team for a few months. He studied Interactive Multimedia and Design at the Ulster University, and has been designing websites for a few years. Alan claims to be a skilled drummer, which will be put to the test when he auditions for the GCD band. He also has a keen interest in cars. Filippo Polanzan is from a little town called Padua, near Venice, and studied computer science there. He’s had a few years...

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Grand Opening

On Monday we celebrated the grand opening of our new head office in Craigavon. We were joined by a selection of clients, some friends and family and the Mayor of Craigavon in a small (virtual) ribbon cutting ceremony which officially marked the opening of our new digs. Our old office in Lisburn served us well and we’ll look back on it with fond memories. The new space however signals a new and exciting era for us as we continue to expand our enterprise and grow our team. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the opening ceremony and made it such a success....

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Summer at GCD

Now that my summer placement at GCD Technologies has come to an end, I can truly say that the experience was great! I enjoyed my time for many reasons, the highlight being the the people who work here. Everyone is happy, fun and most of all willing to help. From the first day working here, it felt like I knew everyone, and since then it’s been like working alongside close friends, rather than colleagues. On top of working hard, everyone plays hard. Lunch time is spent playing Xbox, table tennis and laughing, which is definitely a fun way to...

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Plotbox wins Invent 2014 award

All at GCD would like to extend its warm congratulations to Sean, Leona and the rest of the team at Plotbox for winning the Invent 2014 award, announced at a prestigious gala dinner in Titanic Belfast last night. In a tightly contested competition run by Northern Ireland Science Park (NISP) CONNECT , Plotbox battled it out against 92 other innovations, whittled down from the top 24 in May to the 12 finalists in last night’s awards, with Plotbox announced as the most promising innovation with world class potential at the prestigious gala dinner. The Invent 2014 award is the latest in a...

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Hello to Richard and Robert

We are thrilled to introduce two new members of the GCD team: Richard and Robert. Richard is working with the iOS team. He's been designing and developing software over the last 15 years. He's authored a few patents, and before working with software he was a recording engineer in Montreal. He's a big jazz fan and loves Game of Thrones. Epic. Robert is our youngest member. Fresh out of school in Newry and looking to grab life by the horns, he decided to join us. He has a skateboard.

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Welcome Andrew, Declan and Nick

Over the last number of weeks our office has added three more team members. We are pleased to introduce to you, Andrew, Declan and Nick. Andrew joins the support team having previously spent time at Westland Horticulture. He's come up through Queens having studied Computer Sicience. He says in his spare time he likes to learn new coding languages in between cycling, running, playing the piano... and drinking coffee. This is Declan's first full-time job. For the last four years he has been studying Computer Games Technology at Liverpool John Moores University. During that time he spent a year at Northgate Managed...

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Designing for usability

Designers and Developers are often too quick to decide that they have the right solution to certain usability and design problems. A lot of the time we create something expecting our users to conform, change their habits and change the way they would normally use an interface to suit the one we have designed. This should not be the case. I don't mean to be critical of designers, but we often get caught up in spending a lot of time designing interfaces that are visually appealing without putting enough focus on how they work. I see many examples of this on...

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Getting Things Done

How often do you put things off? When you know you’ve got a morning to get through a huge list of important tasks do you find yourself getting distracted by pointless and meaningless things? Getting Things Done by David Allen is a productivity method which describes how to organise all the bits of information in our head in such a way so that we can focus on actually doing tasks rather than remembering and recalling the tasks that need to be done. The problem of procrastination The cause of procrastination has long been debated amongst psychologists. Some believe the pleasure principle may be...

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Its Better to Meta

Sometimes so much energy is put into the <body> tag of a site, that the little one above it (the <head>) can be overlooked. Mainly because it’s work is behind the scenes. Invisible. But no more! It’s time for the <head> to shine, and one way to make your site grab onto the throat of that thing we call the World Wide Web, is to get the most we can out of that little element… the <meta> This article aims to outline some of the well-known and some of the less-well-known metas out there and how they can help your website get noticed....

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Goal Directed Design

Take a minute to have a think about all the products you use in your daily life, I'm guessing the majority have some kind of digital interface. Now think about how many of these interfaces frustrate or annoy you at some stage during the day. I believe (and I'm not alone) that the main reason for these niggles is down to a lack of design process or one which doesn't consider the user or the context in which they are using the product. Design as an afterthought The traditional route of software development is one where design is introduced after product requirements...

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